Open Systems

The use of Linux and open source platforms has become an increasingly viable choice for enterprise platforms and services for more reasons than just mitigating cost.
However, while there are effective open source technologies that rival the performance of their paid counterparts, many companies are reluctant to adopt open source technologies due to skills gaps and product lifecycles that are perceived to be unstable. While this may be true for some open source products, there are many that are mature, stable, and widely adopted.
For platform and infrastructure technologies, there are a wide range of open source technologies available. For example, the Apache web server has long been a feature-rich, high-performance industry standard for delivering web content. In another example, HAProxy provides a fault-tolerant load balancing solution that many argue could, depending on the use case, rival enterprise-class equivalents such as BigIP F5 and Cisco.
For custom application development, the rapidly accelerating progress of cross-platform compatibility among such technologies as .Net Core is allowing developers accustomed to writing software for a Windows environment to write applications that can run on Linux.
QTR has enormous expertise in designing, implementing, and supporting Open Source platforms for its clients by performing services that include:

  • Large-scale Server Design and Deployment
  • Backup/Recovery Planning
  • Systems Integration
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Backup/Recovery Planning and Support
  • CritSit Support, Troubleshooting, and Recovery

Platforms Supported