Database Platforms

Big Data and NoSQL platforms have been receiving considerable attention these days. While platforms such as MongoDB offer obvious benefits for real-time analytics, mobile applications, content management, and in the “Internet of Things”, they do not yet replace some of the most critical features of a relational database.
The centerpiece of a relational database lies within its “ACID” properties. ACID is an acronym for “Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability”. In a nutshell, it means:

  • Database transactions may never “partially” commit. Once an application issues a database transaction, it will either succeed or fail.
  • Transactions issued to a database must follow all defined rules for the affected objects (e.g.: tables); constraints, cascades, triggers, or any combination thereof must be respected.
  • Multiple transactions accessing the same object are processed in the order by which each transaction attempted to access the object.
  • Once a transaction has been committed, it is safeguarded from power loss, system crash, or error.
It is because of these properties that relational databases continue to be widely used in business applications and reporting. QTR provides a full range of database platform services for new, existing, and legacy applications that include:

  • Database Server, and Schema Design
  • Database Server and Schema Deployment
  • Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Development, Optimization, and Performance Tuning
  • Backup/Recovery Planning and Support
  • CritSit Support, Troubleshooting, and Recovery

Platforms Supported