Professional Services

Being our core service offering, we take great pride in offering economy, agility, and quality in our delivered Professional Services. There are a couple of ways that QTR is able to engage with its clients:
  • Directly to Individual Entities: You and/or your organization may reach out to us directly to discuss your needs. QTR will assign a Delivery Manager who will talk through these needs to help determine the services and resources necessary. The Delivery Manager is the point-of-contact for ensuring the successful delivery of services and the accommodation of urgent needs.
  • Through a Value Added Reseller: For some organizations, consuming Professional Services via a Value Added Reseller (VAR) may be ideal. QTR works with Value Added Resellers as an extension of their Services team to deliver technology consulting or implementation services.
Regardless of the vehicle that you choose for leveraging QTR’s Professional Services, it is guaranteed that you will find quality of services that are second to none.