Managed Services

We offer a flexible, robust service portfolio that enables our clients to transform technology from a business necessity to a business enabler. QTR Systems’ Managed IT Services can serve in conjunction with an existing technology staff as an advanced tier of support, or function as an exclusive, full service technology solutions and services provider.

Operating System Support

We provide support services for all versions and distributions of Windows, Linux, Unix, and MacOS operating systems. We also are able to support, maintain, and assist in the migration from legacy operating system platforms, such as VMS.

Technology Infrastructure Design, Implementation, and Management:

Any technology solution is only as solid as its foundation. The monitoring, maintenance, and growth management of your business’s technology infrastructure is one of QTR Systems’ specialties. By leveraging necessary components from industry standards such as ITIL, we are able to assist organizations of any size to get their arms around their environment, enjoy stability, and begin to make technology work towards supporting their business.

Customized, World-class, Customer Service

QTR Systems’ Service Desk is available 24x7x365 to ensure that your business has access to technology expertise at all times for any situation. We offer Critical Situation (CritSit) support for all customers for specific platforms, or entire portfolios of services.

Critical Situation Management

It is 6:00pm on a Friday. The load balancer in front of your company’s website has gone down. Since it is an open source implementation of the load balancer product, you have no support. Who do you call?
During any technology outage, businesses are dependent upon effective incident management that drives the outage to a fast resolution, aggressively drives root cause analysis, and mitigate recurrences. Our Critical Situation Management services may be used outside of an established service contract – even on an ad-hoc basis. We understand that, in an outage or crisis situation, many people simply don’t have the time to search help forums or to jump through other hoops in order to get the help that they need. QTR Systems will quickly help and do so for a reasonable, budget-friendly price.